A Mirror of the Cosmos

  • Aug 22 - Aug 24, 2022
  • Spanish English, Spanish, French 67 mins
  • Director | Isabelle Carbonell
  • Writer | Isabelle Carbonell
  • Producer | Isabelle Carbonell

A Mirror of the Cosmos is a sci-fi feature documentary which explores how the Mar Menor lagoon, located in southeastern Spain and considered a beachside paradise, is being pushed by the climate crisis to the brink of extinction and beyond. Opening with a conversation between the moon and the sea about environmental violence, the film explores how the unlikely relationships between invasive blue crabs, nitrates, and mining deposits in Mar Menor deeply intertwine to tell the larger story of capitalism’s extractive, cumulative effects on the environment over time, combined with record-setting temperatures and monsoon-like storms. The lagoon is a microcosm of the so-called Anthropocene, or ‘the Age of Man’. Ultimately, it asks what kinds of futures are possible, and can we adapt?

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Isabelle Carbonell