Valentina Cruz

filmmaker, musician, science communicator

Santiago, CL

astronomy animation science arts documentary music

I am Valentina Cruz, a filmmaker, musician and science communicator from Chile. My work hopes to bring science and the arts together through television, documentary and music. I made my way in the national film industry with some of the most important factual and science production companies in Chile. I began as a video editor, which gave me the opportunity to learn about TV and documentary storytelling through the eyes of different directors. After that, I started creating my own work. First, I directed a 20 minute’ documentary called “Universe with All Senses” about the Giant Magellan Observatory (GMTO) outreach initiative, and then a 15-minute documentary about Las Campanas Observatory’s history and discoveries. Then I developed a series called “The Universe Within”, an educational 4 episodes, 7-minute show about astronomy for children, and right I am directing a 6 episode show about eclipses for the Chilean Ministry of Education.


The Universe Within