2020 | Chile | Animation,Short

The Universe Within

  • Spanish English 7 mins
  • Director | Valentina Cruz Collins
  • Writer | Valentina Cruz Collins
  • Producer | Paulina Sanhueza

This film is currently not available.   

From the Big-Bang, to understanding our place in the cosmos, we explore the Universe through the imagination of children. "The Universe Within" is a 4 episode series for kids made by kids, and the protagonists explain different astronomical concepts using metaphors invented by them, and create theories for the questions that have not yet been answered by science. Their explanations are illustrated by animations based on their own drawings so we can see how they imagine everything they are telling us about our Universe. 
In the episode (The Beginning of the Universe) submitted for this festival, Joaquin (9) asks himself how the Universe began. He narrates a native Tehuelche myth about the Earth's origins. Then, he explains the Big Bang Theory, using metaphors and drawings of his own. Lastly, he questions the theory and comes up with his own answers.

universe cosmos astronomy imagination drawings