Vicky Isley


Southampton, GB

animation nature landscape immunology biodiversity computational 3d

boredomresearch is a collaboration between British artists Vicky Isley and Paul Smith. Collectively they have been producing award winning projects, embedding scientific principles and mechanics, for over twenty years. Inspired by natural environments, boredomresearch creates artworks that explore the diversity that exists in nature and the fragility of these ecosystems. They use 3D gaming, animation and film tools to create poetic and cinematic expressions inspired by natural and biological patterns, movement and behaviours.

boredomresearch has been collaborating with world leading science institutions since 2014, creating projects exploring: the beauty and diversity of natural systems, critically endangered and extinct species, environmental conservation and the health of our human bodies and our sustaining environment. The artists are interested in collaborating with scientists to shift perspectives from one centred on data and understanding, to instead foster an experience of research beyond normal frames of scientific reference. Through their artworks they present biological insights and creative speculations that encourage us to understand our being and our environment from a different perspective.

boredomresearch has produced several award-winning films and artworks including: 'Call of the Silent Cell' (2021), a film exploring the symbiosis of human and environmental health which won the Best Film and Best Artist Film Awards in Southampton Film Week (2022); 'In Search of Chemozoa' (2020), a moving image artwork created in collaboration with Arizona Cancer Evolution Center, which presents a poetic rendering of a fictional model organism, won the Best Film Award at Sigma Xi STEM Art & Film Festival (2021); 'AfterGlow' (2016), a SciArt experimental animation project, commissioned by Animate Projects, won the moving image Lumen Prize award (2016) that celebrates the very best art created with technology.

The artworks of boredomresearch are in collections around the world including the British Council, Southampton City Art Gallery and Borusan Contemporary Art Collection Istanbul. boredomresearch interdisciplinary art and science projects have been exhibited worldwide including: ArtScience Museum, Singapore; BOZAR Brussels; QUAD Gallery, Derby UK; DAM Gallery, Berlin; House of Electronic Arts, Basel; KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn Estonia; LABoral Centro de Arte y Creacion Industrial, Gijón Spain; Gwacheon National Science Museum Seoul and Today Art Museum, Beijing.


In Search of Chemozoa


Call of the Silent Cell


For We Are But A Single Cell





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