Anna Lindemann

evo devo artist,professor

Storrs, US

biology,animation,music,theater,opera,film,ants,evolution,development,evo devo

Anna Lindemann calls herself an Evo Devo artist. Her work as a storyteller, animator, composer, and performer explores the emerging field of Evolutionary Developmental Biology (Evo Devo). Her Evo Devo Art has been featured nationally and internationally at black box theaters, planetariums, galleries, concert halls, biology conferences, film festivals, digital art conferences, and natural history museums. Anna graduated from Yale with a BS in Biology before receiving an MFA in Integrated Electronic Arts from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She is an Assistant Professor in the Digital Media & Design Department at the University of Connecticut where she has pioneered courses integrating art and science.


Beetle Bluffs


The Colony


What about the nose?


Ant Sisters