Marco Mezzavilla

research scientist

New York, US

technology renaissance classical context awareness

My passion for technology and creativity stems from a hybrid education. My career began with pursuing a diploma in Classical Studies in Castelfranco Veneto, Italy, the birthplace of Giorgione, founder of the distinctive Venetian school of Italian Renaissance painting. Then, I completed my B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD in Information Engineering at the University of Padua, Italy, a historical academic institution founded in 1222, which inspired revolutionary minds like Copernicus and Galileo. ​ My doctoral dissertation covered various aspects of next generation networks, with a particular focus on mobile cellular technology: 4G LTE. During my studies, I spent one year at UPC in Barcelona, Spain, as part of an international student exchange program. I carried out my Master Thesis at NEC Europe Labs in Heidelberg, Germany, and, as part of my PhD, I spent a visiting research period at the Centre Tecnològic Telecomunicacions Catalunya (CTTC) and at Qualcomm Research (mini-blog) in San Diego, USA. Now a Research Faculty at NYU, in New York, I lead the design of new radio protocols that will define 5G and 6G, the future paradigms of wireless connectivity. Right before joining NYU, I co-founded Snapback, a core-technology startup based in Rome, Italy, focused on developing new, intuitive ways to interact with smart devices. In 2017, I co-founded Pi-Radio, a NYU spin-off that is supported by US federal agencies (NSF, Army, DARPA) and develops bleeding-edge wireless prototyping platforms for 5G/6G research. My research interests include 4G/5G/6G broadband wireless technologies, device-to-device communications, context awareness, smart societies, virtual/augmented reality, human to machine interfaces, software-defined radios, and experimental research.


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