Dan Lloyd


Connecticut, US


Dan Lloyd wonders how our gray and squishy brains could be the location of the symphonic kaleidoscope of human consciousness.  For centuries this question was the province of philosophy, but now philosophy has teamed up with neuroscience, with revolutionary results.  An explosion of research on the brain is bringing us closer to knowing what's really going on, in the neurons, when we spot a familiar face, feel happy or hungry, add numbers in our head, or engage in thousands of other tasks that flow together in our moment-to-moment  experience of the world and ourselves.  It's a grand, ultimate mystery and Lloyd's students confront it as colleagues with their professor.  A Lloydian classroom is intensely interdisciplinary, where a discussion of what it's like to taste a jalapeno pepper is followed by a lab where students analyze and question brain scan data.  In many cases, the brains and minds students study are their own;  through an affiliation with the nearby Olin Neuropsychiatric Research Center, students volunteer as healthy control subjects in functional MRI experiments, and frequently go on to pursue independent research in brain imaging as part of an undergraduate major in Neuroscience, Psychology, or even Philosophy.


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