1969 | Canada | Documentary

You are on Indian Land

  • English 36 mins
  • Director | Michael Kanentakeron Mitchell, Mort Ransen

This film is currently not available.   

A group of Native Americans near the Canadian border attempt to blockade a road that runs through their land, resulting in a clash with Canadian police.

You Are on Indian Land is a 1969 documentary film directed by Mike Kanentakeron Mitchell about the 1969 Akwesasne border crossing dispute and the confrontation between police and Mohawk of the St. Regis Reservation on a bridge between Canada and the United States, which stands on Mohawk land near Cornwall, Ontario.

By blocking traffic from the bridge, the Mohawk sought to call attention to their grievance that they were prohibited by Canadian authorities from duty-free passage of personal purchases across the border. They claimed this right as part of their right of free passage across the border, as established by the 1794 Jay Treaty between Great Britain and the United States after the latter gained independence in the American Revolutionary War.[2] The film portrayed the rising activism of the Mohawk and demands for self-determination, which has continued.