2008 | United States | Animation

White Winter Hymnal

  • 2 mins
  • Director | Sean Pecknold
  • Writer |
  • Producer |

Channeling the music’s cyclical vocals, the video stars a Father Time-ish gnome who brings to life—and then to death—the natural world around him.  This film is a sort of time-turning-backwards retrogression via a magical crank. White Winter Hymnal is a stop-action music video f directed by Sean Pecknold for Seattle band Fleet Foxes, is a quietly beautiful meditation on nature and time.

A music video for Fleet Foxes.

Director: Sean Pecknold
Animators: Christopher Rodgers, Britta Johnson, Sean Pecknold, Paul Maupoux
Miniature sets: Sean Pecknold, Thomas Troisch, Britta Johnson
Costume Design: Joy Andrews
Puppets: Christopher Rodgers, Britta Johnson, Sean Pecknold, Mollie Fabric 
Consultants: Noel Paul, Greg Pecknold
Assistants: Brendan Nunn, Lanna Apisukh
Photography: Sean Pecknold
Editorial: Sean Pecknold 
Producer: Grandchildren

Label: Sup Pop Records & Bella Union


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