2020 | Denmark, Germany | Documentary

Where to With History?

  • German English 63 mins
  • Director | Hans Christian Post
  • Writer | Hans Christian Post
  • Producer | Hans Christian Post, Michael Truckenbrodt

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Dresden has in recent years grown famous and infamous. Famous for its attempt to rebuild its once bombed-out historical center. Infamous for the right-wing-surge that has since 2015 swept the city. One the one hand, the city exemplifies the ‘blooming landscapes’ that the German reunification was to bring about. On the other hand, it testifies to the things that have gone wrong in Germany and Europe since then. Every Monday evening, the two realities clash, as the Pegida movement takes to the streets. But do the two realities oppose each other? Or has the attempt to architecturally reproduce what was lost in 1945 been instrumental in bringing back the political ghosts of that very era? The film looks into this, thereby depicting a city caught up in a destructive past that won't go away.

Dresden Germany German Reunification Second World War Right Wing Surge Architecture Reconstruction GDR NeoNazis Pegida