2022 | Spain | Documentary

When The Mountain Rumbles (El día que volaron la montaña)

  • 28 mins
  • Director | Alba Bresolí Aliberch

This film is currently not available.   

The quiet lives of three ageing brothers, the last inhabitants of a once vibrant Spanish village, are about to change thanks to the construction of a new motorway.

The Guallar brothers are the only inhabitants left in the crumbling village of Escó, in Northern Spain. In 1959, the village was expropriated under Franco's regime and the residents were forced to leave. The Guallar family refused, and now, with their parents long gone, the three ageing brothers live alone in the same family house, grazing their sheep among the ruins.

Through stunning cinematography and sensitive interactions, we join the brothers as their quiet lives are about to radically change. A motorway construction begins that will cut directly through their village. After a lifetime in isolation, where will they go next?