2009 | United States | Experimental

What Part of the Earth Is Inhabited

  • English 6 mins
  • Director | Erin Espelie

This film is currently not available.   

“The oldness and youthfulness of the earth are wonderful.” — Robert Walser, 1925

Boletus, amaryllis, anolis, listeria, wisteria, nematoceara: nothing is linear in evolution, nor in life nor in light. We radiate out on waves, then flux along the spokes of an orb-weaver’s web, the barbs of a boundary fence. Species in a constant state of exchange: elements, acids, sugars, viruses, ideas.

The way a lichen exists as a single unit, and yet functions as two classifiably distinct creatures, a fungus and an algae (or a cyanobacteria). Who inhabits who, and who is who? Defined by readings and voyages made, people dead and loved, we recombine.

The “speck” we have to live on—as Pliny the Elder called the livable part of our planet—has grown even smaller.

Boletus amaryllis anolis listeria wisteria nematoceara evolution life light