2018 | austria | Documentary,Experimental,Short

Water and Clearing

  • no dialogue nn 5 mins
  • Director | Siegfried Fruhauf
  • Writer | Siegfried Fruhauf
  • Producer | Siegfried Fruhauf

This film is currently not available.   

Siegfried A. Fruhauf´s work is preoccupied with exploring the perception of cinematographic movement. Fruhauf often makes use of the individual image, whether in the form of film frames or photographs, which he collages via multiple exposure and structural montage into exhilarating motion studies. In Water and Clearing he pursues an inverse approach. The point of departure is provided by the recording of an actual tracking shot, which is a novelty for Fruhauf. Using individual stop-motion frames, the motion of the shot grows gradually more halting, while simultaneously becoming more dynamic. The shorter the intervals are, the more photographically foregrounded the snapshots of the tracking shot become, heightening the kinetic energy of the sequence of images. Our perception is effectively made to stumble through an interplay of movement and stasis.
Meanwhile, dramaturgically speaking, Water and Clearing is classically structured in three acts. In the beginning there stands an empty, dried out tub made of wood. By the end of the film it is seen anew, now in a wet state. In the time between there unfolds a high-speed rollercoaster lightning ride constituted by impressions of nature, observed from a bird´s eye view centered upon the circular form of the tub. Midway through the film, the tub is filled with water, accompanied by a siren like wailing, while traversed by the image of a fireplace – only heightening the level of abstraction and artificiality of the nature shots. This color intensive, atmospherically dense phantom ride reveals itself to be a paraphrasing of the magic of cinema, ever associated with a promise of perceptual intensification and illusion. In the end, the pulse of the audience that has been heightened by Fruhauf´s frenzied image and sound montage is able to return to peace and normalcy, just like the wooden tub itself. (Dietmar Schwärzler)

nature halluzination experimental photographically structural dynamic