2016 | United States | Fiction,Experimental

Voyage of the Galactic Space Dangler

  • 8 mins
  • Director | Evan Mann

This film is currently not available.   

A caveman meets a spaceman.


Director | Evan Mann
Producer | Otherworldly Productions (Evan Mann)
DP | Brook Aitken

Cave Man | Nolan Brown
Space Man | Andrew Finzel
Milk Man | Valerie Simon
Old Man | Rick Romero
Baby | Anna Mann

Music | Joseph Reuben (orgional score) and Radio Futura
Colorist | Waylon Kane
Editing | Evan Mann
Sound Design | Evan Mann
Art Design | Evan Mann

Production Manager | Alex Lorn-Krauss
Hair/Makeup | Courtney Sherer
Still Photography | Nathan Rega and josh Daniels with Harper Point Photography
Production Assistants | Claire Anderson, Chau Simon, Travis Powell, Holden Boyles, Audrey Williamson, Caleb Gillen, Daria Mehra, Lucas Grimm, Deborah Mann, David Chang, Deborah Diaz, Austin Parkhill, Carrol Reeves

Life Art Dance Ensemble
Dancers | Jessica Riggs, Laura Morales, Megan Roney,
Team Manager | Adam Riggs

These people contributed to this project in a subtle but integral way | Deborah Mann, Anna Mann, Baby Mann, Michael Langan, Andrew Huang, Fredo Jones, Allen Moulton, Louise Martorano, Angela Hopkins and my mother

sci-fi space experiment planet astronaut dance
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