2010 | Canada | Animation

TimeTraveller™ Episode 01

  • 6 mins
  • Director | Skawennati
  • Writer | Skawennati
  • Producer | Jason E. Lewis

This film is currently not available.   

The year is 2121. Brilliant billboards, seamless and seemingly endless, light up the flyway. A young man, sporting a black jetsuit and a dreadhawk, zooms through the air, propelled by a fusion-powered jet pack.

The first episode introduces us to Hunter in his environment. Tired of his life as a hired gun, Hunter wants to do something different. He realizes that he can use his edutainment system –his TimeTraveller™-- to find guidance to his own path. Thus begins his journey.

It also introduces us to TimeTraveller™ the device that has revolutionized the History industry. Hunter punches in some keywords and finds himself in Fort Calgary, 1875, at a showing of a panorama –a precursor to the modern movie. The panorama is being used to tell the story of the Minnesota Massacre, an important event in First Nations history. Being from the future, Hunter possesses a highly developed sense of marketing spin, but he marvels at the efficacy of this unsophisticated agit-prop. He decides to go to the actual event to learn the truth.

Filmed on location in Second Life at
AbTeC Island
(59, 115, 35)

An Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace Project

With Generous Funding from
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
Fonds de recherche sur la société et la culture 
Hexagram Research Institute
Canada Council for the Arts
Concordia University

Produced by Obx Labs

time travel future sci-fi flight dystopia virtual history propagada digital