2016 | India | Fiction,Short

Time Machine

  • Hindi English 39 mins
  • Director | Arati Kadav
  • Writer | Arati Kadav, Zain Matcheswalla
  • Producer | Zain Matcheswalla

This film is currently not available.   

Time machine is a coming-of-age story about love, loss and time travel. It follows the story of Chetan, a young boy obsessed with making the world’s first Time Machine. Surrounded by a loving family: his indulgent mother, strict father and annoying brother, he spends his days creating technological hacks for his youtube channel. He even falls in love with Mishti, the new girl in his class. Life is perfect until one day he is visited by his older version of himself. He is informed that he does eventually achieve his goal: he is the world's first time traveler. But this older, sadder Chetan hints at many darker years to follow: filled with personal loss and failed relationships. He will achieve his ambition but there will be a price to pay on the way. 

With this knowledge Chetan faces an uncertain future that lies ahead of him. 


time machine technology family time travel sci-fi coming of age love