2018 | Pakistan | Documentary,Experimental

This Shaking Keeps Me Steady

  • Urdu English 60 mins
  • Director | Shehrezad Maher
  • Writer | N/A
  • Producer | Shehrezad Maher

This film is currently not available.   

A prompt to two ambulance drivers in Karachi to reconstruct recurring dreams catalyzes an exploration of the permeable boundaries between memory and fiction, and between trauma and its recollection. As first responders consider the aftermath of violent events, television re-enactment actors audition for and perform the gendered roles of victim, perpetrator and witness in scenarios ranging from the banal to tragic. Unfolding through rituals, preparations, dreams and performance, we never see the events themselves, but catch traces of the extent to which they have been internalized by a society.

Dream reenactment memory health work