2020 | United States | Documentary,Short


  • English 15 mins
  • Director | Maya Livio
  • Writer | Maya Livio
  • Producer |

This film is currently not available.   

Thermopower exposes the role of technology in maintaining and disrupting livable temperatures—weaving the concept of thermoregulation through the practices of mammals and machines. 

Anchored by the American pika, a small mountainous relative of rabbits and indicator species for the climate crisis, the film questions the hierarchies between human animals, non-human animals, and human-designed technologies such as air conditioners and internet servers. It blends footage from a steerable online research camera together with satellite imagery and a score that ties data centers to acoustic instruments.

More at: mayalivio.com

climate data pika cam ecology environment thermoregulation scientist mountain internet energy technology biology heat alpine tundra ecofeminism