2015 | United States | Documentary

The Wolfpack

  • English 90 mins
  • Director | Crystal Moselle
  • Producer | Hunter Gray, Izabella Tzenkova, Crystal Moselle, Alex Orlovsk

This film is currently not available.   

Locked away from society in an apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the Angulo brothers learn about the outside world through the films that they watch. Nicknamed the Wolfpack, the brothers spend their childhood re-enacting their favorite films using elaborate homemade props and costumes. With no friends and living on welfare, they feed their curiosity, creativity, and imagination with film, which allows them to escape from their feelings of isolation and loneliness. Everything changes when one of the brothers escapes, and the power dynamics in the house are transformed. The Wolfpack must learn how to integ

society wolf curiosity creativity imagination isolation loneliness