202 | Spain | Documentary

The Stone Bridge

  • Catalan, Spanish, Romanian English 18 mins
  • Director | Artur-Pol Camprub√≠

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A woman witnesses the birth of a horse in the stable where she works – an image so strong that it continues to haunt her.

On the edge of a town in Aragon, Spain a streetlamp flickers on, heralding the coming night and marking the limits of the settlement. In a stable a foal struggles to free itself from the amniotic sac. Angelica, a Romanian woman living in the village witnesses the birth. The little creature’s struggle to free itself, its condition of ghostly and borderline existence, pierce her to the extent that she will be unable to shake off the image. Taking its title from an old Romanian song, this film is an enchanted work of beauty, revelling in the liminal space it creates.