2021 | United Kingdom | Documentary

The Sound Voice Project

  • 25 mins
  • Director | Hannah Conway

This film is currently not available.   

A unique performance installation exploring powerful stories of voice loss and identity that features immersive, surround-sound and audio-visual settings.

Working internationally with people with lived experience of voice loss, interdisciplinary professionals, arts venues, festivals and hospitals, The Sound Voice Project aims to expand our understanding of the value of the human voice. What is a voice and what happens when it is gone?

Composer Hannah Conway and writer Hazel Gould collaborated with video designer Luke Halls and sound designer David Sheppard to set three operatic movements from The Sound Voice Project:Paul, I Left My Voice Behind, and Tanja.

Each is a deeply personal and distinct experience. By turns uplifting and heart-rending, the works together celebrate the beauty and intrinsic value of the human voice whilst exploring the digital and synthetic.