2021 | Brazil | Documentary

The Rightful (Quem de direito)

  • Portuguese English 21 mins
  • Director | Ana Galizia

This film is currently not available.   

For decades the landless workers of Guapiaçu, Brazil have been fighting for their right to farm the land. Now they must fight a dam project that threatens to flood their entire community.

The Guapiaçu valley in Brazil has had a tumultuous history - the scene of land rights struggles, mass worker’s movements, state violence, and death squads during the military dictatorship. The territory is marked with the resistance of residents.

After decades of struggle a new adversary has emerged, a planned dam project that threatens the whole valley. Summoning the historical fights for land through archives, activist testimonies, and government documents, this powerful film connects the past with the present in an ongoing struggle for justice.