2018 | United Kingdom, Canada | Animation,Experimental

The Mulch Spider's Dream

  • 14 mins
  • Director | Karel Doing
  • Writer | Karel Doing
  • Producer | Karel Doing

This film is currently not available.   

What is it like to be a spider? A creature that lives in the same environment as we do and yet has an experience far removed from ours. The film The Mulch Spider's Dream evokes a non human world through shape, colour and rhythm. The seemingly abstract images are made by using the internal chemistry of plants interacting with photographic emulsion, a type of image that I have called a 'phytogram'.

The making of phytograms involves simple biodegradable chemistry that is used to soak petals and leaves. These elements are carefully harvested from wild and domesticated plants. By bringing the organic material in contact with film emulsion, chemical traces are formed, reflecting the interior structure of the plants. By using expired filmstock subtle amber, brown and red colours emerged. By rephotographing the film some additional colours have been added.

Most of this process has taken place in my back garden and shed, while being surrounded by dozens of spiders and their prey. While making the film, I have been reflecting on the plants and creatures living close to me. Both methods and thoughts have become part of the film during its consecutive stages of development.

cognition otherness representation ecology perception Nagel film chemistry