2014 | USA | Documentary,Experimental

The Making of Love

  • English 18 mins
  • Director | Jeannette Louie
  • Writer | Jeannette Louie, Amanda P.

The Making of Love is a psychological journey into the realm of lovesickness. A seduction has altered a teenage girl. Her involvement with an older man and subsequent abandonment by him inflicts a solipsistic stupor upon her daily life. She is transfixed by consciousness, haunted by memories and subjugated by turbulent emotions. This girl is real and her words are transposed from the pages of a private journal into the space of film. The Making of Love shows a mind pondering upon the ailments and emotions occurring when the unrequited manifests physically and philosophically.

Creation & Direction: Jeannette Louie
Teenage Girl: Jennifer Suter
Male Neighbor: W. Derek Jorden
Writing: Amanda P. & Jeannette Louie
Music: Gen Rubin, Seth Simon
Sound: Nico Berthold

brain consciousness memory emotion love heart romance relationship
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