2016 | USA | Documentary,Experimental,Short

The Land Within (2016)

  • English 14 mins
  • Director | Jeannette Louie
  • Writer | Jeannette Louie

This film is currently not available.   

Inside the neuronal landscape is an entangled network where consciousness,memory and stimulus embolden everyone to feel unique. In reality, sentience isactually a stream of neural activity made up of billions of neurons engaging in amultitude of connections. It takes a unity of many to be an individual. However,one neuron senses something else residing in this scientific fable. Follow her asshe guides us through the synaptic forest and asks, “Who am I to refute theassumption of a soul?”

HD, Color, Surround Sound, 13:44, 2016

Creation & Direction: Jeannette Louie

Narration: Suzanne Tufan

Hiking Neuron: Donald Levering

Other Neurons: Carin Clevidence, Jeff McMahon, Nora McMahon, Camas Davis, Deirdre Lockwood

Music: Seth Simon, Gen Rubin

Sound: Alex Thompson / Harvestworks

Brain Neuroscience Neuron Cognition Consciousness Neurotransmitter Synapse Tree Soul Memory