2017 | Netherlands | Documentary

The Human Robot

  • 48 mins
  • Director | Rob Van Hattum

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Our own brain is perhaps the most magical element we know. We are trying to build that brain. But in order to do that, you need to know exactly how they work. How do we create robots that truly understand people's feelings? How do we combine the signals of all our senses into one experience? How is the world going to change through the new levels of Artificial Intelligence? Original title: The illusionist Robot-emotion-illusionist Pascale Fung believes that for a beautiful future, it's essential that machines and people understand each other. Therefore, she programs robots with strong empathic ability. Robots with heart and soul. She is pioneering a whole new field of social robotics.

Charles Spence is an experimental psychologist. He investigates how our senses (light, sound, smell, taste, touch) work together to form one experience that we feel as “reality”. But if you know how it works, that experience is easy to manipulate, changing our perception of things like taste or pain. Artificial intelligence improver Yoshua Bengio is now one of the top researchers in artificial intelligence and deep learning. Bengio thinks deeply about the way the human brain works, and how a similar approach can be used to make computers smarter. The Mind of the Universe is an international science documentary series and open source platform about the rapid evolution of our knowledge. It explores the human destiny and the world of tomorrow through the eyes of the greatest thinkers and scientists of our time. In each episode, a typical human quality takes centre stage, in which the scientists and their research are embedded.

Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2017.

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