2016 | Israel | Experimental

The Dust Channel

  • 23 mins
  • Director | Roee Rosen
  • Writer | Roee Rosen
  • Producer | Roee Rosen

This film is currently not available.   

The Dust Channel is a cultural exquisite corpse: an operetta with a libretto in Russian about a British home appliance set in an Israeli reality of private perversion and socio-political phobias. The libretto tries to animate a DC07 Vacuum Cleaner by telling it about itself and the history of its maker, James Dyson. The machine itself is in the center of a household brimming with desires centered on notions of dirt and cleanliness. The fear of dirt, dust and people invading the private home leads to the reality of a detention facility for refugees set in the desert.

technology industry immigration politics history corporation