2015 | UK | Documentary,Experimental

The Betrayal

  • English 6 mins
  • Director | Susan Young
  • Producer | Susan Young

This film is currently not available.   

A woman trusts her psychiatrist, but becomes enmeshed in his prescriptive web. Medical records interweave with pulsing pills to tell the story of their addictive, destructive relationship. At its dark heart, The Betrayal is a twisted, deadly love affair.

The Betrayal is an autobiographical film that addresses themes of trust, addiction, transference, countertransference and the abuse of power in a psychiatrist-patient relationship. Using rapid editing and repetition of fragmented images of medical records and hypnotic, pulsing pills, the film viscerally evokes the experience of enmeshment in a treatment regime of increasingly sadistic manipulation and powerful prescriptions.

Medical Pills Addiction Autobiographic Trust Transference Countertransference Psychiatrist Hypnosis Prescription Drugs