2022 | Austria | Documentary

Star Chasers of Senegal

  • Austrian English 50 mins
  • Director | Ruth Berry

This film is currently not available.   

This is a story of astronomy and astronomical missions. Of a NASA space mission called Lucy set to discover the origins of our solar system and an Earthly mission in Senegal, West Africa, to build a space agency.

“Space is open for everyone; it belongs to everyone.” Senegalese astronomer Maram Kaire believes science will change the fortunes of his emerging country. But first, he must convince powerful Muslim leaders to embrace modern science. An invitation to lead a team of international scientists on a data-collecting mission for NASA provides a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the value of scientific collaboration. If Maram and his team can help that mission succeed, he will have come one step closer to his goal – to build a space agency in Senegal. And he may soon find his country has ancient connections to space he never dreamed existed.

star exploration eclipse solar sun galaxy stars space dream data-collecting NASA mission