2019 | USA | Documentary

Spears From All Sides

  • Spanish English 90 mins
  • Director | Christopher Walker
  • Writer | Christopher Walker
  • Producer | Christopher Walker

This film is currently not available.   

Spears From All Sides follows the young, charismatic Waorani activist Opi as he tells the dramatic story of a vehement, community-based resistance by tribal communities in one of the most remote and beautiful areas of the world. It reveals the duplicity of the Ecuadorean government and the oil companies in their attempts to defeat the Waorani at all costs, including the co-option and subsequent betrayal of the former Waorani leader Moi – the hero of the previous film. Out of disaster, Opi sees a possibility of hope – regaining their autonomy which they lost with the arrival of the missionaries 60 years ago.

Spears From All Sides, besides being a gripping story following activities and events as they unfold, demonstrates the complex battles at the frontlines of climate change which we are rarely able to see on film.

Amazon rainforest resistance indigenous oil activism climate change