2019 | Denmark | Documentary


  • Danish, Arabic English 32 mins
  • Director | William Andreas Wivel
  • Writer | Christian Bengtson
  • Producer | Charlotte Hjordt

This film is currently not available.   

Somewhere in Denmark Eyad is practicing Japanese. He is alone in his room and sleeps several days in a row. He fled through Europe from Syria. Inam is in her kitchen roasting almond for Maklouba. She is his mother. The extractor hood in her new kitchen doesn’t work properly. In a letter read for Eyad, we learn that the narrator’s mother has died. The two of them meet in this longing for something. Can we say farewell to what was in the past to live in what comes next? Through silent pictures, Sayōnara (Goodbye) explores the condition of being lost. 

Being lost saying goodbye
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