1994 | Canada, Switzerland | Documentary

Picture of Light

  • English 83 mins
  • Director | Peter Mettler

This film is currently not available.   

A documentary of an expedition to Churchill, Manitoba to film the Northern Lights.

We live in a time where things do not seem to exist if they are not captured as an image.

But if you look into darkness you may see the lights of your own retina -- not unlike the Northern Lights, not unlike the movements of thought. Like a shapeless accumulation of everything, we have ever seen. 

Before science explained, the Northern Lights were interpreted as visions, prophecies, spirits -- a trigger for the imagination -- images provided by nature framed by no less than the universe itself.

...aurora borealis...the lights with no bodies, pouring colours from the sky...a film exploring the capture of images from nature, images more special than any special effect...

Northern Light Sky Expedition Arctic Ice Light Retina Vision