2012 | Italy | Animation,Experimental,Lab Footage


  • 6 mins
  • Director | Monica Zoppè

This film is currently not available.   

If we could shrink by 10 million times, we would be able to visit a living human cell, as if it were a small planet. In this movie, based on scientific data and an animation technique developed for biological visualization, viewers can get a glimpse of some of the wanders that such trip could offer. During the short visit, we will witness a moment important in the life of all cells and organisms: the binding of a hormone to its receptor, followed by the first effects triggered by this event. Next, accompanied by an explanatory voice describing in simple terms the scenes that we see, we explore other corners of the same cell. The short is a first introduction to a new world that, despite its minute dimension, is incredibly rich with all sorts of fascinating environments, characters, and stories. Up to now these have only been available to the expert, and this movie is an example of the power of biological visualization for curious minds of all ages.

visualization cell hormone receptor protein antibody micro biology membrane data