2015 | Kenya | Fiction,Short

Monsoons Over the Moon

  • English, Swahili English 18 mins
  • Director | Daniel Muchina
  • Writer | Daniel Muchina
  • Producer | Wangechi Ngugi

This film is currently not available.   

Monsoons Over The Moon is a mythical tale about a street gang known as The Monsoons who escaped an oppressive system. The story is set in a period of political dictatorship that has enslaved the people. The Monsoons are now resurfacing to help the youth in the ghettos break out of this dictatorship. The story is told from the perspective of those struggling the most within this dictatorial system.

It is a film about a sort of post-apocalyptic Nairobi, when the government has shut down the internet, books and the written word have become exponentially valuable and the world has been turned on its head.

The narrative follows a young lady from the streets whose violent boyfriend has disappeared, and his rivals are using her to look for him.  She feels afraid and imprisoned by her circumstances until one of her friends gives her a book which catapults her to open her mind to the understanding that she need not be afraid of what is to come because the power lies within her.

myth sci-fi internet dystopia post-apocalyptic simulation perception reality pharmacology sleep dream