2020 | Austria, Germany | Documentary

Money Bots

  • English, French, German English 90 mins
  • Director | Daniel Andrew Wunderer, Friedrich Moser
  • Writer | Friedrich Moser, Martin Ehranhauser
  • Producer | Friedrich Moser

This film is currently not available.   

Time is Money: In high frequency trading the fastest data network makes the deal. Computers trade against computers solely committed to the logic of their algorithms. Real life traders have long left the playing field to the more efficient money bots, leaving behind an uncontrollable financial market in which speculating on crisis is the safest bet and investments have exceeded all realistic dimensions. However, it all began in the casinos of Las Vegas with young mathematicians and physicists creating algorithms and the first wearable computer to outsmart the roulette.

Money Bots Trading Speculation Algorithms Data