2013 | Italy | Documentary,Experimental

Meta (3.1 / km²)

  • 63 mins
  • Director | Sandro Bocci

"Meta" in the sense of "beyond", is a dance of moving images and music that transform continuously following the spectacle of the geological changes of the youngest emerged land of the planet. A relationship of empathy with the geometry of nature, fractals and the invisible fields that govern the structure of life in each scale of observation.
The geological instability and solar cycles at 66 ° N latitude, are only a small part of the wonders that can be found in Iceland. In reality, as well as waterfalls, iceberg lagoons, hot springs, in addition to the colors of the earth during its genesis, there is a population that has a love and respect for nature incomparable to that of most other populations of the earth. Live in harmony with unlimited space can create the conditions for a different way of understanding social life.
The visual immersion in the beautiful landscapes of Iceland, together with music that is reflected in the emotions experienced during the solitary experience of filming, creates a mental state of liberation and neglect towards the beauty and power of primordial nature, even in its most devastating.
The film is also an experience "gonzo" in the sense of purely subjective, which guides the viewer without filters or narrative fiction, through the continuous changes of shapes, colors and lights, in a summer time always illuminated by the sun and sleepless.
Among the special features are also documented timelapse sequences shot along the north the 66th parallel, during the summer solstice, when the sun never sets below the horizon and the sky becomes inflamed and changes color giving a sense of continuity so shocking in the eyes unaccustomed to generate the most total silence and contemplation.
The relationship between the musical vibrations and those that manifest in nature, through shadows and watercourses, for example, are the object and the cause of the succession of images.
Enjoy the vision!

Meta-3,1/km² a non verbal film by Sandro Bocci - 2013 - 63 min. Ita/Eng
Music by Iteration, Martin Grech, Dean Frenkel & Linda Laasi, Giorgio Leonelli.
Best documentary at Salento International Film Festival - SIFF 2013
Best Photography at Premio Libero Bizzarri 2015

"Discendi nel cratere dello Jokull di Sneffels che l'ombra dello Scartaris viene a lambire prima delle calende di luglio, viaggiatore ardito, e perverrai al centro della Terra. E questo ho fatto io, Arne Saknussemm."
Jules Verne Viaggio al Centro della Terra

In 2013 “Meta (3.1 / km²)” won the award for Best Documentary at SIFF (Salento International Film Festival) and in 2015 won for Best Photography at Premio Libero Bizzarri concorso Italia Doc.


Geological Nature Fractal Invisible Structure Observation Harmony Landscape
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