2014 | Indonesia | Documentary


  • Indonesian English 10 mins
  • Director | Wregas Bhanuteja
  • Writer | Wregas Bhanuteja
  • Producer | Wregas Bhanuteja

This film is currently not available.   

Lembusura, or the legend of the mountain demon. A rain of ash falls on Java. Kelud, a volcano located to this east of the Indonesian island, is active. As one of the island's most dangerous mountains, it is known for violent and explosive eruptions. And when it rains ash, it pours. Time and again, everything gets covered in fine grey dust - houses, streets, blossoms and umbrellas. According to legend, the ash rain is caused by an angry demon named Lembusura who wears a magic hood and lives inside the volcano. Young men set off to conquer their mythical past. One is dressed as a demon - with the largest breasts, immediately provoking the others to laugh.

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