2020 | Cabo Verde | Documentary


  • Creole, Portuguese English 53 mins
  • Director | Nuno Miguel Miranda Pereira
  • Writer | Nuno Miguel Miranda Pereira
  • Producer | Pedro Gabriel Duarte Soulé

This film is currently not available.   

The intriguing story of a mysterious homeless eccentric called Kmêdeus (EatGod) who lived on the island of São Vicente, Cabo Verde. To some he was a lunatic, to others an artist. But to all, he was and still is a mystery. António Tavares, an important contemporary dancer from Cabo Verde, made an exceptional performance piece based on the life and inner worlds of Kmêdeus. He takes us on a trip through his hometown of Mindelo, the island's music and films, and the celebration of the its annual carnival. It thus becomes a search for the root aspects of one of the oldest Creole communities in the world. Kmêdeus was made by the Cape Verdean film collective Negrume.

Expression Identity Culture