2017 | India | Documentary,Experimental,Short


  • Hindi English 24 mins
  • Director | Abhinava Bhattacharyya
  • Writer | Abhinava Bhattacharyya
  • Producer | Daljeet Wadhwa

This film is currently not available.   

'Jamnapaar' (Hindi or Urdu for 'Beyond the Yamuna') lurks on the river's edge seeking to explore how the inhabitants of the Yamuna relate to its degraded presence, the fragile nostalgia of its unknowable past and the horror of its unthinkable future. It is above all, an attempt to uncover new ways of imagining and relating to the natural world in the midst of the sixth mass extinction on Earth, our final planetary dream. The film is shot in Delhi, the site of the Yamuna's most extreme degradation.

pollution environment Anthropocene River