2013 | USA | Documentary

Into Noise

  • English English 12 mins
  • Director | Janna Kyll√§stinen
  • Producer | Janna Kyll√§stinen

This film is currently not available.   

Into noise is an experimental documentary film on the soundscape of New York, and a personal story of alienation and disruption. Challenging the way we hear our every day lives, the film delves into the science of sound, following the filmmaker in her attempts to cope with urban noise in New York, taking the audience on a journey leading finally back to her distant homeland. With excerpts, clippings and anecdotes, this abstract symphony of urban and natural imagery exposes the layered sounds of the world around us through poetic, frantic imagery and a minimalistic industrial soundtrack. On the rich backdrop of a city that never sleeps, the film paints a universal "sehnsucht" and a search for harmony.

sound noise city nature perception silence