2016 | United Arab Emirates | Documentary

Honey, Rain & Dust

  • Arabic English 87 mins
  • Director | Nujoom Alghanem
  • Writer | Nujoom Alghanem
  • Producer | Nujoom Alghanem, Khalid Albudoor

Aisha, Fatima and Ghareeb are amongst the best known honey specialists in the northern parts of the UAE. Ghareeb is also considered a beekeeper because he established a sanctuary at the top of the mountains, where he can be in control of the surrounding environment and protect his honeybees. Fatima and Aisha prefer to roam the mountains freely to find the highest natural honey. Meanwhile, the bees are coping with climate change, survival challenges and the production of honey. Involuntarily, the bees have become integral to the lives of Aisha, Fatima and Ghareeb. But, for how long and to what extent can the bees keep providing?


Director : Nujoom Alghanem
Producer : Nujoom Alghanem, Khalid Albudoor
Scriptwriter : Nujoom Alghanem
DOP : Benjamin Pritchard
Editor : Anne De Mo
Composer : Mohammed Haddad
Cast : Aisha Al Naqbi, Fatima Al Naqbi, Ghareeb Al Yammahi, Aisha Al Naqbi, Fatima Sanad, Ghareeb Al Yamahai

bees honey nature ethnography climate ecology culture
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