2018 | Colombia, France | Documentary

Homo botanicus

  • Spanish English 88 mins
  • Director | Guillermo Quintero
  • Writer | Guillermo Quintero
  • Producer | Guillermo Quintero, Nicolas van Hemelryck, Pierre-Emmanuel Urcun, Clare Weiskopf

This film is currently not available.   

Botanist Julio Betancur and his disciple, young Cristian Castro, return to Colombia's tropical forests to explore once again their passion for nature. Through the lens of Director Guillermo Quintero, former student of Julio, we will travel in the middle of a delirious expedition that will lead us to understand the strength of their friendship and the importance of their legacy. In the diverse and almost infinite world of the tropics we will get lost next to them in the time of the jungle. Homo botanicus, what is the meaning of collecting plants forever?

botanics plants scientist forests tropical