2018 | Cuba | Documentary

Guardians of the Night

  • No language No subtitle 15 mins
  • Director | Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier, Eleonora Diamanti
  • Producer | Yoel Gonzalez Rodriguez

This film is currently not available.   

GUARDIANS OF THE NIGHT (15′) is an experimental and sensorial short-length ethnographic film about the cyclical and spontaneous life activities that emerge at nighttime in Guantánamo, Cuba. The film engages with the synesthetic aspect of practices associated with the night in Cuba, from the post-revolutionary guardia sessions of neighborhood night watching, to nocturnal activities related to technology, media infrastructure, and nighttime economy. The senses are at the center of the night experience along with reduction of visibility. This creates a perfect focus to reinvigorate discussion and promote an innovative approach around sensory visual ethnography, in a time when audio-visual methods generally remain marginal within social sciences, and the idea of multisensorial anthropological film is often criticized for not being able to fully capture the sensorial world.

When the night falls in Guantánamo and invades the streets, other forms of life emerge. GUARDIANS OF THE NIGHT sheds light on the people, activities, sites and ideas that occur on an everyday basis at night time in Eastern Cuba.

Cuba Night Guantanamo Senses Atmosphere Light