2016 | Turkey | Animation,Experimental


  • 2 mins
  • Director | Onur Senturk

GENESIS is a short film about death and re-birth. Film explores how both concepts are connected with one another and it portrays inevitable transformation in small and large scale.

After watching many sci-fi films over the years, I felt a feeling of making small film. Paying homage to masters that inspired me as an artist and exploring concept of creation. I started and finished this film alone to test my skills and see my current potential.

A Film by Onur Senturk

Sound Design and Music by Roy Shen Zoor / Monster Music

Surround mixing by Mehmet Cetinkaya / Pana Film

Dolby Sound Consultant Nurkut Ozdemir

Software used: Autodesk 3ds Max, Otoy Octane, Vray, Thinking Particles, Adobe After Effects and other Adobe products.

Transformation Birth Death Micro Macro Sci-fi Creation Voyage Travel Particle