2003 | Kenya, USA | Documentary

Flip Flotsam

  • 26 mins
  • Director | Etienne Oliff, Lucy Bateman
  • Writer | Etienne Oliff, Lucy Bateman
  • Producer | Etienne Oliff, Lucy Bateman

This film is currently not available.   

Startlingly original, lyrical ode to the flip flop and its place within our society.

Ever wondered what happens to your footwear after you're finished with it? This award-winning and startlingly original documentary traces the fantastic journey of Africa's most popular shoes: the flip-flop. Easily bought, quickly discarded, the flip-flop stands as a symbol of the summer holiday for millions of westerners. But in its African homeland, it undergoes a series of versatile transformations. Filmed over a two year period, this startling and uplifting film takes an ingenious look at the lifecycle of the flip-flop. 

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