2021 | Belgium | Documentary

En Mis Zapatos (In My Shoes)

  • Spanish French, English 64 mins
  • Director | Pedro Morato Gabao
  • Writer | Pedro Morato Gabao
  • Producer | Michel Dutry

This film is currently not available.   

Paco Mora, an internationally renowned Spanish flamenco dancer, gave up his career to take care of his mother, Carmen, diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. He provides daily to all her needs, while trying to keep dancing. With her, he decides to put on a show to realize Carmen's frustrated dream of being a flamenco dancer ... Universal and deeply human, centered on the figure of the caregiver, the film illustrates the situation of dependence of a member of the family of a person with a degenerative disease, testifies to an overwhelming filial love and to the power of art to transcend the limits that the disease imposes on existence.

Pablo Mora, among the finest flamenco dancers, is grounded: he stopped his career to take care of his mum who has alzheimer. Soon, however, they will overcome despair through art.

Human interest sociology