2021 | Scotland | Documentary

Electric Malady

  • 84 mins
  • Director | Marie Lidén

This film is currently not available.   

From within a cocoon of layered blankets, William copes with a life consumed by electrosensitivity, in this touching experiential portrait of isolation and survival.

Living alone in nature, accompanied by his music collection and candles, William sleeps inside a makeshift contraption that protects him from the effects of electricity. Visual artist Marie Lidéns’ mother suffered the same condition, as do a significant proportion of the world’s population, according to the WHO. William never leaves the house, and although his parents and the local priest come to visit, he lives a painfully lonely existence. Through a tactile language and Marie’s sensitive connection with William, Electric Malady is a poignant reflection on isolation, faith and societies’ relationship to technology, explored through light, sound, memory and nature.