2010 | India | Feature

Daayen Ya Baayen (At The Crossroads)

  • Hindi English 112 mins
  • Director | Bela Negi
  • Writer | Bela Negi
  • Producer | Sunil Doshi

This film is currently not available.   

The film is about of a Quoxotian character, so present in our folk narratives too, of an individual having to live through his follies to understand himself better. Ramesh Majila returns from the city to his small remote village in the Himalayas. Armed with irrepressible enthusiasm, he hopes to be the breath of fresh air the village has been waiting for. But instead his quirky traits and a penchant for catalyzing disaster make him the joke of the village.

In a dramatic turn of events a chance entry into a television contest wins him a swank luxury car elevating Ramesh to heroic status overnight. Adored by children and grudgingly admired by others, he becomes the focal point of the village.

However his life spirals into a series of comic conflicts as he struggles to match the rest of his life to the car that adorns his cowshed, undoing himself completely in the process and losing the respect of his most ardent fan, his young son. When the car is stolen, he sets out on a journey to recover something more than his prized possession – his lost dignity.

The film is a light hearted exploration of the quest for dignity, an individual's claim, metaphorically, to a portion of the earth, a spot under the sun that he can rightfully call his own a winding path marked by many pitfalls and dilemmas, hence the title 'Daayen Ya Baayen' which in English means 'Right or Left?'

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