2020 | France | Documentary

Comment on va dire ? (Just words and sounds)

  • 22 mins
  • Director | Morgane Planchais

This film is currently not available.   

Mohamed Saber is 17 years old, he has been writing poems since his childhood in Sudan and Chad. He writes about Darfur, his region of origin, about his memories and forced displacements, about the present.
Arriving alone in Toulon in 2016 by way of the desert and the sea, I met him through the association “L’autre c’est nous” in which he learned French. Soon after, he began translating his poems with my help and that of others, while continuing to write. 

“How shall we say?” This is the question we ask ourselves together and which we try to answer using our own communication tools.

writing darfur region toulon communication language documentary