2022 | Lebanon | Documentary

After the End of the World

  • Arabic English 72 mins
  • Director | Nadim Mishlawi

This film is currently not available.   

Set amongst the constantly changing city of Beirut, this rousing film explores the knowledge and history spaces can hold, and what happens when those spaces disappear.

In this depiction of a modern dystopian metropolis, the filmmaker and friends try to make sense of Beirut in the 30 years since the civil war. Nadim Mishlawi journeys through its recent history via a rich archive – capturing a place caught ‘between states of being and fading’. The textures of the environment are further enhanced through the use of an evocative soundscape. Stories held within the fabric of buildings and their surroundings emerge, begging us to consider the way we live, how we can learn from the past and the importance of finding some harmony between the natural and man-made world.

metropolis Beirut civil war building soundscape